I think my journey into photography probably began on a trip to Sweden in my teens.
I had always carried a point and shoot on holidays but on this occasion I snapped a really nice (well, I thought it was at the time!) shot of a church, silhouetted against a beautiful red sunset and I remember feeling really proud of what I had created.

But I never imagined then that photography would be anything more than a hobby.
Self taught (and still constantly learning) I realised that in order to really focus (sorry for the pun!) my skills I would have to specialise more in my subject matter and I started to concentrate on headshots and portraits as I had several actor friends and a ready-made clientele! 
Knowing a couple of people in bands allowed me to try my hand at concert photography (which I discovered I loved) and I also started to explore some fashion and editorial work as I really enjoy the creative opportunities it affords. I later branched out into a bit of wedding and event photography as it came my way.
Those themes make up my professional portfolio and I have a separate website dedicated to that work at samanthajones.me.uk. I’d love it if you would take a look over there too...

So back over here you will find what I affectionately call 'my arty stuff'.
I love street photography and candids, travel photography (including the odd sunset, just for old time’s sake!) and I’ve even been known to take pictures of superheroes!
This space allows me to display the more creative images I take: Generally stuff I've just shot for me, maybe because I was documenting my travels or something caught my eye and I just liked it! 
I hope you enjoy(ed) browsing the galleries here. I wish I could offer you some wine and vol-au-vents!

I was born in South London, spent my childhood in Lincolnshire and am now based in North London so I pretty much cover both sides of the north/south divide! I love all aspects of the arts and if I’m not out snapping, then a perfect day would include catching a movie or seeing a show (I’m a sucker for musical theatre) and would definitely involve cake, wine and a lie in! I also love to travel and I hope one day to go back to Sweden for an updated (and hopefully improved!) shot of that church at sunset… 

I can be found lurking on the net in a few other places too -
Please visit samanthajones.me.uk to take a look at my commercial work. (Portraits / Editorial / Weddings & Events / Music)
You can buy various pieces here (shameless and subtle plug!!) : Prints from RedBubble and Books from LuLu Publishing
....and of course there are the usual social media channels; facebook, twitter and instagram
Pop over and say hi! 

photos: Nick Gregan

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